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"Throughout my life, I've had a voice in the back of my mind that has continually been a source of negativity. It's impaired my ability to function in many aspects of life, causing much anxiety, especially in social situations and even with my career. I've tried to learn to meditate using classic techniques like body scans and focusing on the breath, but was never able to stay on task enough to gain traction. I've been working with Brent, and the specially tailored techniques he's taught me have taken that voice from a megaphone in my face to a whisper in the back of the room. I'm blown away at how far I've come in a short time, and I'm excited to see where making mindfulness a lifelong habit will take me."

- Daniel

“If you’re considering mindfulness coaching, I’d highly recommend Brent. In our months of regular sessions, it became clear he is knowledgable, kind, and effective. We did an assessment and started right off with some meditation techniques. Working on a week-by-week basis, he gradually added in more tools and skills. He’s a very good listener and explained things perfectly. Since my goals were fairly specific, I can say I’m definitely using what he taught me on a daily basis. I’ve noticed increased focus and clarity since beginning classes for my MBA while still taking care of my full Family Medicine clinic. Thanks Brent!”

- Amy

"Brent has a lot of personal experience. He's able to understand and has immediate ideas to help with the speed bumps of practice. His down-to-earth style is refreshing and practical in a nebulous pursuit.  My motivation and feeling of progress has blossomed in the year he has been my coach/mentor."

- Eric

"Brent never fails to meet me where I am in the moment. His knowledge and guidance make the unknown not so hard to explore. My mental health and ability to respond and not react have completely changed. I am forever grateful that he has been my guide on my meditative journey."

- Robyn

"I recently lost my friend and companion of 57 years. I'm living in a four-story town home that we shared for 20 of those years. We put a lot of effort and funds into equipping the space with things loved. I'm 84 years old and anticipate moving to a smaller place. I wanted to learn about mindfulness, not to assist in the actual organization and labor, but in order to stress less about the effort involved. Brent has been a great coach and has really helped me in this process."

- Charles

"Throughout the pandemic, my teenage son had been struggling with depression, his grades were tanking, and his attitude was turning very negative. Brent has been invaluable in getting him back on track. He started weekly meditation sessions with my son that worked with our crazy schedule. I believe it's helping him in many ways, along with therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes. He's more positive, calmer, and his grades have improved greatly. I know meditation isn't a magic cure-all, but it has been a hugely important tool during a really chaotic and stressful time. I highly recommend contacting Brent to see what tools he can teach you to improve things in your life!"

 - Mary

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