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Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Clients work with me because they resonate with my colorful approach and they see results. I’ve helped hundreds of people start and maintain a committed mindfulness practice or deepen and expand their current one. You can check out what they’re saying here


Mindfulness and meditation cover a broad spectrum. There are a lot of ways to practice because there’s no universal path that works for everyone. I specialize in customizing methods based on your particular needs, situation, and personality.


We don’t all exercise for the same reasons, do we? Some of us work out for basic physical fitness and general health benefits, or to lose some weight. Or we train explicitly for martial arts, or disc golf, or a marathon. A few even become Olympic athletes with grueling regimens that would make most of us vomit and then cry for a while.


It’s the same with mindfulness. Maybe you’re interested in the overall benefits, like better mental health, greater resilience, and acute emotional intelligence. You might want to address specific issues like chronic pain, anxiety, or stress, or uncover habitual patterns and responses so you can make positive behavior changes. Or maybe you’d like to fully wake up and learn to appreciate and revel in the massively weird glory of this one extraordinary life you have.


Mindfulness training isn’t about finding The One True Way, it’s about finding the best way for you. Together, we’ll figure out a versatile, flexible strategy that’s tailor-made to keep you on target and reach your goals.


Coaching Details

I meet with people via Zoom or phone call and offer text and email support between sessions. You should plan to spend at least three months with 1:1 coaching. We’ll meet two to four times per month for around 50 minutes. Three months may sound like a lot but that’s about what it takes to establish and shape a dedicated practice. Remember, this isn’t an off-the-rack program simply plopped in your lap. This is personalized coaching just for you that constantly adapts to your unique and ever-changing experience.


Because of this personalized aspect, it’s important that we have a connection. Every coach has their own style, and this relationship depends on compatibility and rapport. If you’re looking for the vanilla, soft-spoken, spookily calm, guru-type, I’m not your guy. But if you vibe with playfulness, passion, and attitude, we’ll probably be a good fit. I like the people I work with and they like me.


In fact, after three months, most of them keep working with me. Once they’re up and running and have noticed real benefits, they find continuing guidance to be vital, especially for adjusting their practice as goals and circumstances shift with time. Over the long haul, we develop an incredibly responsive and rewarding practice that enhances every aspect of their lives and relationships.

Coaching also offers structure and motivation as well as ongoing feedback and support. Everyone is busy and it’s hard to find the time for a mindfulness practice. If it ends up being just one more thing you try to cram into your day, that can cause resentment. And if you resent it, you’ll abandon it. I’ll help you figure out how to integrate it into your life, how to make it a priority, and how to stick with it.

From the inside, you can’t always tell how your practice is going. You may wonder if you’re doing the techniques right, if any of this is working, if you’re making progress. I’ll be there with steady feedback and encouragement, helping you see your growth, navigate the rough patches, and hold yourself gently accountable.



Sliding scale: $100 – 150 per session


Group Coaching

I offer customized programs structured around the interests of your business, company, or organization. These can be simple presentations, multi-hour workshops, or even a series of interactive events scheduled over several weeks. I usually do this via  Zoom but I’m also available for onsite coaching and consultation. Since group needs are usually very dynamic, I recommend emailing me your specific ideas and concerns. I’d be happy to set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities.

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