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Aware | Awake | Awesome

I customize mindfulness coaching to each client’s individual needs and help them discover appropriate principles and methods for a vibrant and dynamic life. My approach to mindfulness has nothing to do with becoming detached, emotionless, or rising above this crazy, messy world. It’s all about being a joyful part of the mess, fully authentic and passionately engaged with every experience.


This isn't about dodging pain, purifying your mind, or being vapidly happy all the time. Instead, you'll develop skills that enhance emotional intelligence, attention, and resilience so you can participate completely in life, because this game is for keeps.


Mindfulness training allows you to understand yourself deeply and connect meaningfully with others. It lets you identify unhealthy and self-sabotaging patterns and forge positive behavior change so you can live with naturalness and ease. You'll find greater confidence and vitality. Over time, you'll become effortlessly aware, vividly awake, and pretty much an awesome human being.


  • Customized Mindfulness Coaching

    • One-On-One​

    • Groups

    • Online / In-Person

  • Long-term Mindfulness Mentoring

  • Mindfulness Consulting & Program Design

  • Corporate Mindfulness Training & Presentations

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