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Aware | Awake | Awesome

My approach to mindfulness has nothing to do with becoming detached, emotionless, or rising above this crazy, messy world. It’s all about being a joyful part of the mess, fully authentic and passionately engaged with every aspect of existence.


We're not trying to dodge pain, or purify our minds, or be vapidly happy all the time. Instead, we work to develop better emotional intelligence, awareness, and resilience so we can participate completely in life, because we’re playing for keeps.


Mindfulness training allows us to understand ourselves deeply and connect meaningfully with others. It helps us identify unhealthy and self-sabotaging patterns and transform them into supportive habits that nurture and delight us. We get more creative, confident, and compassionate. Over time, we become effortlessly aware, vividly awake, and pretty much awesome human beings.

  • To provide high-quality, personalized mindfulness instruction, informed by the most current scientific research, with tangible results

  • To address the needs of clients suffering from debilitating physical and mental issues, especially those that haven't responded to traditional treatments

  • To offer practical methods of deep transformation and liberation which foster happiness independent of circumstances 

  • To accommodate everyone by working within their financial capabilities

  • Custom Mindfulness Training

    • One-On-One​

    • Groups

    • Online / In-Person

  • Long-term Mindfulness Mentoring

  • Mindfulness Consulting

  • Program Design

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Presentations

  • Corporate Mindfulness Training

  • Trauma-Specific Practices

  • Education, Advocacy, & Facilitation